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NAUTILUS ISLANDS VIEW LODGE is an intimate and welcoming home base for guests visiting Alaminos City and its premier tourist destination - the Hundred Islands National Park. Formerly known as'The Hundred Islands Resort Hotel (THIROH), it was recently revamped and renamed by the family who acquired the property in 2010.

They were captivated by the natural beauty and serenity of the islands and decided to have a vacation house near Lucap Wharf, the jump-off point to the islands. They first envisioned to turn THIROH [which has since closed its business operations] into a relaxing family getaway from the busy life in Metro Manila. But they soon decided to open its doors for guests.

Now, NAUTILUS ISLANDS VIEW LODGE is an inviting retreat where warmth and comfort are your constant companions. Visit the Hundred Islands and make Nautilus your slice of home here.