is an intimate and welcoming home base for guests visiting Alaminos City and its premier tourist destination - the Hundred Islands National Park. Formerly known as'The Hundred Islands Resort Hotel (THIROH), it was recently revamped and renamed by the family who acquired the property in 2010.

They were captivated by the natural beauty and serenity of the islands and decided to have a vacation house near Lucap Wharf, the jump-off point to the islands. They first envisioned to turn THIROH [which has since closed its business operations] into a relaxing family getaway from the busy life in Metro Manila. But they soon decided to open its doors for guests.

Now, NAUTILUS ISLANDS VIEW LODGE is an inviting retreat where warmth and comfort are your constant companions. Visit the Hundred Islands and make Nautilus your slice of home here.

What's in a name?

Everything about nautilus speaks of the sea.

- It means 'sailor' in Greek.

- The Nautilus shell is sometimes referred to as a living fossil because it has remained relatively unchanged for millions of years. The snail-like shell spends its time in the great depths of the ocean.This spirally chambered shell is regarded by many as a symbol for 'renewal'.

- USS Nautilus was the name of the world's first operational nuclear-powered submarine. It was also the name of the fictional submarine in the novel 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne.

Nautilus Islands View Lodge


For Reservation:

Landline : +63 (75) 551.4838 
Smart     : +63998.573.0841
Globe     : +63.927.773.4674

Email us at:

Fully air-conditioned rooms with Hot/Cold showers. TV set with cable facility and free WIFI access

ROOM CAPACITY                    STANDARD
Deluxe room for 2 persons -----P 2, 850
2 persons ----------------------------P 2, 300
3 persons ----------------------------P 2, 850
4 persons ----------------------------P 3, 800
5 persons ----------------------------P 4, 275
6 persons --------------------------- P 5, 000

- Room rates are subject to change on case to case basis
-Wide parking lot (back of the lodge)


2 persons -------------------------P 2, 850/Head
3 persons -------------------------P 2, 250/Head
4 persons -------------------------P 2, 100/Head
5-15 persons ---------------------P 1, 850/Head
20 & Up persons ------------------P 1, 450/Head

* One night room accommodation
* 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
* Enviromental Fee
* Boat Rent
* Island Hopping